Fibromyalgia and being fobbed off

After having now seen the Rheumatologist, I am convinced that already having a diagnosis of fibromyalgia has not helped me with getting a diagnosis of for the additional health problems that I am having.

When I went to my GP more than a year ago telling him I had electric shocks running down my arms and could no longer hold a cup or pen – he was keen to blame it on my fibromyalgia. It was actually severe Carpal Tunnel and arthritis. It took some time to be taken seriously and tested.

Unfortunately, I think I am having the same issue with the rheumatologist I’ve just seen. Even though I have psoriasis, joint swelling, arthritis has shown up on an ultrasound test and lumpy swelling even on the soles of my feet, so painful it prevents walking some days and the carpal tunnel specialist said I have swelling on my hands/fingers and wrists not caused by the carpal tunnel that should be checked out. Sadly, as soon as the rheumatologist looked at my notes and saw that I have been previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, he seemed very keen on putting all my symptoms down to the fibro.

Now as far as my research shows, I should not have deteriorated so much in such a short time or have these symptoms if all I have is Fibro.
It is possible to have Fibromyalgia and have ‘other’ health issues. I am starting to think that a Fibro diagnosis leads medical professionals to blame every ailment you may have on Fibro and unless you protest and persist that they are loathed to look at the possibility of you having any additional health problems!

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