Paying for good days

Good days. Sorry I’ve been so quiet but – I’ve actually for the first time in 9 months… I’ve had 8 good days in a row! It may sound selfish but they were such good days that I didn’t want to think about Arthritis, Fibro, Carpal Tunnel – none of it. Just for a while during this time. I felt quite excited to be honest, a tiny little part of me dared to think… I could be getting better or at least getting it under control…

I’ve tried nothing new, I’m taking no new vitamins/herbs. Stress has been pretty much normal levels too. These good days are a total mystery to me!
I’ve carried on taking my Tramadol but even think that I may have forgotten a few dosses as I felt so good! I have no idea what caused this good patch or why it has happened to be honest with you.
I’ve had little pain, been able to walk, sleep, eat, etc. without issues bar feeling inexplicably depressed! Then today a few hours after getting up… my neck has become painful again, my wrists are killing me and my leg is twisting back up with muscle spasms and is very, very, painful.

When all this started I would have a few bad days followed by a week of being fine. It slowly changed to having a whole bad week, then month, then months with no respite at all. These past 8 months has been the longest patch of solid bad days I’ve had and I pretty much discounted ever having any good days again.
I’m very grateful for these few good days, just wish they had lasted a little longer…

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